Church History and Recent Building Project

From St Pancras to Wanstead, the building has a unique history!

This postcard of our church was sent by R.Y. to a Mrs Ferris in County Antrim, Ireland, in June 1918. This means that the photograph was actually taken about a hundred years ago.  Look at the twin pinnacles; these were taken down in the 70’s because they were deemed unsafe.  Look at the glass globes on the pillars; they probably came down in the Second World War.  All that ivy growing everywhere – must have been very bad for the pointing!

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Recent Refurbishment

A huge building project to repair, renovate and reorder our buildings was completed in Summer 2012.

          Phase 1 focussed on the roof, external stonework and stained-glass windows.

          Phase 2 focused on developing the inside to create a multi-use / flexible space.

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